Saturday, January 29, 2011

My new title

      First I wanted to say, yes I am posting on a saturday because I am not at work. I am home, Emma was not feeling well earlier in the week and we ended up in the doctor's office. She tested negative for flu and strep. They said it was a bad cold virus with a fever going around. So guess who got it next? ME! I feel horrible. I can't beathe out of my nose so I am now a "mouth breather" and that drives me crazy. My  lips are all dried up and I feel like my breath stinks all the time. My head hurts all the way down into my neck in the back and my jaw hurts. I am not saying this to make you feel sorry for me, I just hurt. If this is not the flu I would hate to know what is the flu. I have never had it that I know of and I'm sure that I don't want it. I did hear Saxon in the living room earlier sneeezing. Oh lord I hope he is not getting it. It will NOT be pretty! If so then I may be asking some of you for help. Please pray that no one else gets this.

      I wanted a new title for my blog. I have been reading LOTS of blogs over the last couple of days while laying around. I wanted something that had meaning and came from the heart. "Your grace is enough" are the lyrics to a song we hear quite often on the radio and I just love hearing the three sweet voices in the back seat singing along. It is so fitting for us at any point in our lives. No matter what the circumstances in our lives God's grace is sufficient. In the good times and the bad times His grace is enough for me. It's pretty simple.


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