Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The best news ever!

     Last year when Emma was in Kindergarten we started talking about asking Jesus in our hearts. She was learning so much at church and AWANA and was asking tons of questions all the time. Let me just stop  right here and say how much we LOVE our church. They have great programs for everyone. The first time we visited Saxon told me that was the first time he paid attention for an entire service! He was 25 or 26! Ok, back to Emma's story.  We made an apppointment at that time to talk to our Children's Pastor at church. Emma was very shy talking to him and it didn't really go well. So we just waited. She knew she LOVED Jesus and wanted to do the right things but was not really sure about the whole thing. We started talking a lot more to her and just answered her questions, not pushing. So a few weeks ago she decided she was ready. She asked Jesus in her heart and was ready to be baptized. (Emma, Spencer and Eden have been practicing getting baptized in the bath tub for quite a while now! LOL) I worked on the weekend she went down front to tell our pastors that she wanted to be baptized. Saxon said she was so proud and confident. Just like I knew she would be.
     The next week Emma was baptized by our children's pastor. It was March 20th, our 7th wedding anniversary. What a great gift knowing our daughter will be in heaven with us for eternity! Nothing could beat that. I cannot wait to see what kind of wonderful Godly woman  Emma will grow into. I know she will do great things. She has such a big heart and is a very compassionate little girl. I love her so much.
     On aside note-last night I helped her with a project for school and it was titled "Emma's favorite things" We had many pictures on there of things she liked to do like dance, listen to music, and ride her bike. Well she wanted to put a picture of her and her friend Tori on there holding their new bibles. She said one of her favorite things is her Bible. That is so awesome. She has been sharing about asking Jesus in her heart at school and I know she will make a difference in someones life, even at the age of 6!

Here are some pictures of Emma getting her bible from the church back in the fall.

Emma with our pastor

Emma and Tori

Here are the pictures of her Baptisim.

In her robe waiting for the service to start.

Emma and Mr. Heath our Children's pastor

So happy!

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