Friday, March 4, 2011

From 2 to 28!

     Today I thought I would share about my family. Not just Saxon and my kids, but my whole family. My mom and dad and siblings...My Dad and Mom met in college and I love to hear the story of how they first me. My dad asked my mom on a date and he stood her up, he finally apologized and asked her out again and then she stood him up! HA! That sounds like something I would do. They finally started dating and got married on Feb 20, 1966. They just celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. They are such a great example for me. I hope and pray that my marriage will last that long. Here is a recent picture of them at a wedding. I wish I had some old pictures of them . They are all at their house (2 hours away from here.)

     My Mom and Dad have 5 kids. Jon, Spencer, Meg, Brooke and Me.

     My oldest brother Jon and his wife Loralea live in Texas. They have 5 kids.

     Here are their five kiddos! From oldest to youngest...Katelyn, Michael, Jake, Lexi and Emily.
     Next up is my brother Spencer and his wife Kim. They have two boys Elliott and Zach. They live in Missouri.
     My sister Meg and her husband Ryan live in Mississippi and have two girls Bailey and Auburn.

My sister Brooke and her husband Jon live in Jonesboro with their 4 kids.
 Here are their kids..oldest to youngest. Haddie, Berkeley, Ian and Cale.

     Last but not least I am the youngest of the Seale clan. Saxon and I live just outside of Little Rock.  We have 3 kids. Emma, Spencer and Eden.

     If you have kept count through this post my parents have a grand total of 16 grandkids! WOW! Ranging in age from 3-19. That is a big group of people. It is so hard to all get together in one place at one time. We live in four different states and with everyone's busy schedules it is near impossible. This past Thanksgiving we finally did it. We have not ALL been together since all the grandkids have been born. It was an amazing fun day. We took tons of pictures and the kids had a blast playing with each other. It was very loud in that house but I know my parents were so happy to have their whole family together, even if it was just for 1 day!
Here are some pictures of the day.

The five of us together again.

us with Mom and Dad.

All 16 kids!
     As you can see the girls out number the boys 9-7. I can only imagine what it will be like when all those girls on the couch are teenagers! We didn't have anyone to take a picture of the entire crew. After 45 years together my parents went from 2 to 28. That is one wonderful life story!


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  1. Love all the pictures!! Its always fun to go back and look at all the pictures and remember the memories! Happy Friday!