Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The joy of winter!

     This past weekend started off not so good. Friday I woke up to Saxon calling me saying not to send Emma to school. I looked outside and it was dry but all of Little Rock schools were closed. We were supposed to be getting another snow. YAY!! (sarcastic) So I decided not to send Emma to school and beat the rush to walmart because we had NO food and I was already planning on grocery shopping that day. On the way to Walmart at 7:45am it started snowing. I got to walmart and got groceries as quickly as I could with three kids. Well I didn't beat the rush. The lines looked like it was the day after thanksgiving! YAY for long lines with three kids! Thank goodness I didn't send Emma to school because they dismissed at 9:00am. Only 1 hour of school and we were still at the store! We were planning a party for my friend Ellen's 30th b-day that night and we decided to change it.
     The roads were starting to get bad in places and I was worried about getting to work the next morning. So my friend LeAnn from work and I decided that we would just go spend the night in Little Rock close to the hospital. Saxon came home in the early afternoon and we traded off. Of course this is after I had everything ready for the kids for the entire weekend. (It will have to be a new post on him trying to pick out clothes for the kids.)  They were excited that Dad was home to play out in the snow with them but sad that I was leaving and would not be back until the next night. I headed to LR with LeAnn and checked in to our hotel room. We were tucked in our beds by 4pm watching TV and surfing the internet. It was a relaxing afternoon. Later our friend Cilla made it to LR to stay with us too and we decided to walk down the road to grab some dinner. The river market district was very different on a snowy day. Most of the places were closed but we did find a restaurant open and enjoyed some seafood for dinner. Our walk back to the hotel was COLD. It was dark by then and it had begun to snow again. We walked very quickly and tried not to slide too much. We went to bed early and it was very different than most friday nights at the Berry house.

     Saturday was a typical work day. We made it to work without any problems. By the time we left everything was melted. After work I stopped by my friend Ellen's house and caught the tail end of the party. (that was supposed to be at my house the night before!) While there I discovered that Emma had done a little "art project" earlier that day. She colored all over Eden's stomach and back! We left the party and headed home. I was tired and Saxon had some art work to clean off in the tub. lol! I came home and saw the snow castle that Saxon and Emma had built earlier that day.

     Sunday was a normal day, Saxon took the kids to church and I headed off for work. Monday we woke up to snow on the ground again but not much so school and work were on for the day. I ran some errands and just layed around. Saxon came home monday night sick so I was off to the store to buy some more cold medicine. It is now tuesday and we are expecting LOTS more snow tomorrow. They have already called school off for tomorrow so I guess I will get ready for more snow days at home with the kids and Saxon. Chili and homemade vegetable soup are in the works. YUM! This is the first time I am trying to make my mom's soup. I hope it is good!

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