Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Puppies and sleeping masks

     Our puppies are too cute. We have mommy dog Lola who we got summer 09. She is a lab and a sweet girl. She loves the kids and is a little bit crazy. Ok a lot crazy. When she is happy her whole body wags with her tail. We still need to train her to not jump on people but she is getting better at that.


This November she had 9 puppies. They were so sweet and cute. It has been so cold so they stayed in the garage. We gave away all but two of them. I let the kids name the two we kept. They are Charlie and Buster. They are really rambunctious but so fun...
(L) Buster (R) Charlie

Are they not adorable?

     So Emma got a sleeping mask with some pj's that my mom gave her for Christmas. I wasn't sure that she would wear it and neither was my mom but it came with the pajamas. Well...she loves it. It is hilarious to see it on her. It is owl eyes, so even when she is sleeping she looks like she is looking at you! HA!
Yes she is sleeping, yes on a mattress with no sheet! She was in the living room for our bunking party (see previous post) and the sheet came off the mattress.
     Spencer wanted a sleeping mask too because he saw Emma wearing hers. I was talking about it at work one day and a sweet friend found one for him and brought it to me the next week. He loves his too! He puts it on at night but sleeps with it on his forehead because it makes him scared. Too dark, he says!!
This was the night he got it. He was so excited!! It says Do not disturb. She had to find one that was not too girly!!

     I guess now all I need is to find Eden one. She says she wants one but I'm not real sure she would actually wear it. I guess maybe I will try to find her one for Valentine's day.

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