Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lost Tooth!

      Several months ago I took Emma to the dentist because her two bottom middle permanent teeth were coming in behind her baby teeth and her baby teeth were not even loose. He told me not to worry that her baby teeth will get loose and fall out eventually.

Emma has been going to the dentist since she was 3 and here are some old pictures of her at the dentist.

     She has had one loose tooth for a few weeks but it was not even close to coming out. She had been sick over the weekend and I guess layed around and wiggled that tooth really loose. When I came home from work Sunday night she let me pull it. She said ouch but then told me it didn't hurt. It did bleed a little it and she got a little upset but soon realized that it would be ok. After she chilled out and we got the bleeding stopped she was super excited.

Here are some cute pictures of Emma with her little baby teeth!

3 years old!

Emma's 5th birthday at the beach

Christmas 2010

Snow day Jan 11

Just a silly picture of Emma! you can't even see her teeth! HA!

Here are some pics of the night her tooth came out and the next day after the tooth fairy came to our house!

right after we pulled it

With her tooth fairy money. 5 whole dollars!

can you see the gap?
  Emma was so worried that the tooth fairy would not be able to find her tooth under her pillow. She put the tooth in a ziplock baggie and asked the tooth fairy if she could keep her 1st tooth. The fairy left
 her 5 dollars and her tooth. She was so excited. Later she even added it up and told me if she gets five dollars for every tooth she looses she will have 100 dollars. Smart girl. I am so glad she finally lost her 1st tooth. She was always happy for friends when they lost a tooth but sad that it was not her. It was a fun experience for both of us. She said she will never forget valentine's day this year because that is the day she got money from the tooth fairy!

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