Friday, February 11, 2011

More SNOW....

We got more snow this month. Arkansas' record amount since 1914....and we have had a blast playing in it. A winter that we will never forget!

DAY 1:  Feb 9, 2011

Swinging in the snow!

Eden sliding

Emma sliding

Spencer sliding

Snow frozen to his beautiful long eyelashes

Always up to something. I think she had a snowball behind her back!

Hard to smile with snow hitting you in the face!

Day 2: Feb 10, 2011
I got some pictures of Eden sledding this time.

Emma getting a face full of snow

Eden having a blast

Screaming with excitement

So much fun!

Eden taking a face plant in the snow.

Face full of snow.

Such a good sport, getting back on the sled after a  face full of snow and some tears!
By the way she was fine, just cold.

Saxon's turn!

My turn

Family photo

Next we all just relaxed and rode around on the four wheelers. Emma spent most of the day eating (licking) the snow!

I have had a blast in the snow with my family this winter but I am hoping my next family photo will look something like this:

How I long for warmer weather and a relaxing day on the beach!!
My girls are too because this is how they dressed themselves today.

Silly girls! They have 2 matching outfits, but got the top to one and the shorts to the other!

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